Acupuncture and Natural Treatment Options for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is one of the more common conditions that can afflict people throughout their lives. Sinusitis symptoms vary from individual to individual depending on the underlying cause. Sinusitis symptoms are similar to those of a common cold except that sinusitis symptoms last longer than 3 weeks and sinusitis does not respond to common cold medication.

Sinusitis occurs when one or more of the sinus cavities become inflamed due to several causes such as bacteria, fungi and allergies to pollen causing pain in the nasal area.

The main symptoms are pain, congestion, and a frontal headache. The location of the pain depends on which sinus or sinuses are affected. Infection of the lower (maxillary) sinuses causes toothache in the upper jaw and pain in the area under the eyes, while infection of the upper (frontal) sinuses causes pain in the temple. Infection of the small sinuses between the eyes (the ethmoid sinuses) causes pain between and behind the eyes and a particularly severe headache.

Most of  sinus symptoms  are triggered when the mucous membrane of the sinus cavities in your face get inflamed. If you suffer from sinus headaches, you get a deep, dull pain in front of your head or face (at specific points such as behind the eyes or side of the nose). The pain gets worse if you move your head physically, especially while bending down or leaning over.

Sinus headaches pain peaks during the morning hours after waking up and it generally subsides by after noon. And quite often, the pain starts when you get a bad cold.

Conventional treatments for sinus  usually involve antibiotic cure and surgery in acute cases. However, according to my 20 years of clinical experience, these treatments are not effective for majority of patients. I have worked with a number of patients who were convinced that they had run out of options after finding medications and/or surgery to be ineffective for their needs.  Many of these people try acupuncture as a last resort.  Based on the experience I have had in working with numerous sinus ridden patients, It has been proven that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can offer tremendously relief to sinus patients, and in some cases,  even severe chronic sinus can be completely cured by the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Acupuncture is the one of the oldest and widely used holistic medical practices in the world. It is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture treatment does not involve injections of drugs or medical substances. You usually do not feel any pain and sometimes you do not even realize that a needle has been inserted into your body.

Now here is how acupuncture relieves sinus headaches. sinus congestion Modern science believes that acupuncture brings about biochemical changes in the blood serum to stabilize serotonin – a vital chemical that acts as a messenger between the spinal cord and brain – and stimulates the release of endorphins (human body’s natural painkiller) to alleviate the pain. Further, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system to relieve stress, anxiety and muscle tension, and promotes cerebral circulation so that the affected region gets more oxygenated blood supply and nutrients.

Acupuncture for sinus  is usually prescribed based on a detailed diagnosis of your medical condition. Your practitioner has to first determine what the imbalances in your body are before he decides a course of treatments.

If you wish to consider having acupuncture for sinus treatment you will need to find an qualified acupuncturist. The better skilled your acupuncturist is, the more effective you will find this alternative and complementary treatment